Automatic Pedestrian Access


One of the areas we specialize in is providing Perth homes and businesses, high-quality automatic access systems.

We offer complete solutions to:

  • Pedestrian access doors
  • Wheel-chair access
  • Disabled bathroom/toilet access
  • Automatic swing arm doors
  • Automatic articulating doors
  • Automatic sliding doors
  • Boom gates
  • Roller shutters
  • Sliding gates

Whether it be a new installation, refurbishments, alterations or just preventative maintenance, we have you covered.

We deal closely with the industries leading brands including Assa abloy, Entrematic, Dorma, Stanley and FAAC.

It is very important to use professionals who are aware of all the safety issues and are up to date with the latest regulations, as unfortunately too often we come across doors that have been installed by general electricians who are not suitably qualified or certified and can end up not only causing damage to the door hardware but unfortunately also cause injury to people.

At Terrasol we have extensive experience in these systems and are able to provide our valuable clients with cost-effective, high quality and safe solutions.

From Heavy industrial and commercial applications, through to Bathroom renovation to cater for disability access in homes, we do it all.

Switch Board Upgrades

Do you have an old fuse board installed at your home or business at the moment?

Have you ever lost power or lights and spent frustrating time in the dark trying to replace old fuse wire in crumbling old ceramic fuses? This can be not only frustrating but it also presents a number of very real risks to both you and your family.

Read on to learn how valuable it is to invest in a switch board upgrade, as well as some of the practical benefits a switch board upgrade has.


  • BLOWN FUSE WIRE: This is usually caused by overloading circuits, such as plugging in too many appliances at the same time, but can also be caused by loose connections inside the fuse holder, or short circuit faults inside the wiring of your home
  • MELTED CABLES: Commonly if there is a loose connection, this causes excessive heat to build up around the terminal, which in turn causes the cables to get really hot and begin to melt. As this happens, the plastic insulation around the copper begins to melt away and fall off, leaving dangerously exposed cables inside the switch board or wall cavity.
  • LOOSE CONNECTIONS: As copper gets hot, it also gets soft, which allows the old screw-type connections to become loose. This creates ARCING behind the fuse – as this begins to happen, the heat builds up and if your earthing is not up to standard, it will quickly spread into a full-blown fire behind the switch board.
  • FIRE: Once the fire starts in the switch board, it will quickly spread up the wall cavity and into your roof space, once this happens you have very little time to get everyone out safely, as rooftop house fires burn very hot and very fast.

Don’t risk your family’s safety – a simple old fuse coupled with a dodgy earthing system can be deadly.


  • The majority of old black panel fuse boards have an asbestos panel
  • We highly recommend a full upgrade if you have a switchboard or fuse box that has a black panel, as the chances are it is an asbestos material
  • If these panels are drilled into, the fibres become airborne and put everyone around at risk.
  • Asbestos panels can be safely removed if they are not drilled into or broken.
  • An electrical switchboard upgrade will remove the old asbestos switchboard panel and make it safe for you, your family as well as anyone working in and around that area.


So, what are some of the benefits, other than avoiding devastating fires 😊

  • AVOID COSTLY AFTER HOURS CALL OUTS: Chances are, if the power is going to trip, it will be on a Sunday or public holiday when call outs are at least double the standard rates. With a fully upgraded switchboard, each of your circuits will have their own individual RCD protection. This means you will be able to quickly and easily identify the affected area, and find the cause of the tripped RCD. For ‘How to trace RCD faults’ see our other blog titled “RCDs – FAQ’s”
  • AVOID RISK OF FIRE AND ELECTROCUTION: As mentioned above, fire is a big risk with old fuse boards, however, so is electrocution. One of the things you get with a full upgrade is not only RCD protection on EVERY circuit, but you also get a fully upgraded main earthing system that will protect you and your family (even your pets) in case of any electrical faults.


When we upgrade your switchboard you get far more than a few extra switches and nice labels, see below for a list of what you get with EVERY switchboard we install:

  • Brand new switchboard enclosure (either metal or plastic depending on current set up)
  • High-quality CLIPSAL RCD’S on every single circuit
  • A compliant FIRE SEAL between the switchboard enclosure and any roof or wall cavity
  • A fresh new main earthing system including new main earth stake, equipotential bond and MEN Point
  • Clear, easy to understand labelling of switchboard
  • A document that will detail which part of the house is on each circuit (saving you time if anything goes wrong later on)
  • 24hour 7 days a week over the phone support if you have any queries or issues


Not as much as you might think – send us a photo of your switch board for an accurate fixed price quote, but in general most houses will get all of the above for less than $1400 including GST

Feel free to get in contact with us if you have any further queries or if you would like a free quote, or even just some friendly advice.We hope this has answered any questions you may have on switch board upgrades, why they are necessary, when they are needed and how they can help keep Perth families safe.

Tips to protect your children from electric shock

Electricity is a normal part of everyday life and it’s easy to forget how dangerous it can be.

Here are a few tips to protect your children from electric shock in your family home.

Cover electrical outlets 
Use childproof plugs in unused powerpoints so little ones can’t prise items into the sockets.

Store appliances out of reach
Switch off and unplug all electrical appliances when not in use.

Make it difficult to pull out cords
Don’t permit children to touch or play with electrical cords and make sure electrical cords are not dangling from benches or within your child’s reach.

You can also buy a cord-hiding device to keep cords away from little fingers. 

Safety switches
Use power boards with inbuilt safety switches when plugs are unavoidably within your child’s reach.

When they are old enough to understand, explain the dangers of electricity and teach them how to use your household electrical appliances safely.

RCD’s Frequently asked questions

What is an RCD? An RCD is more commonly known as a ‘safety switch’, or ‘residual current device’

What does an RCD do? An RCD provides protection to you, your family and your pets from electrocution by measuring tiny amounts of electricity that leaks through to earth. If the RCD detects some electricity leaking through to earth, it will trip out, turning the electricity off before it reaches dangerous levels, most time before you even feel it.

Are RCD’s mandatory? As per the latest AS/NZS 3000 wiring rules, every single circuit in your house needs to be protected by an RCD. RCD’s are mandatory in almost every domestic and commercial application, with only a few exceptions.

Do RCD’s need to be tested? Most recognized RCD Manufacturers recommend 3 monthly testing of RCDs, however in commercial applications, 6 monthly testing by a licensed electrician is required to be carried out, along with a log book to log down the tripping speeds, tripping currents and any maintenance carried out. If an RCD is not tested frequently, it will quickly become seized up an may not trip when you need it to.

My RCD has tripped and I cant reset it? Most times, if an RCD has tripped, it is for a good reason. The first thing you need to do is to check to see if there is an obvious reason for it to trip out (see below for common reasons), if you can not identify anything obvious, you need to follow the “How to reset an RCD without a sparky” Step by step.

Why do RCD’s trip out? There are literally dozens of reasons why your RCD may be tripping out, below are just some of the common causes we come across every day:

  • Faulty appliance plugged in (Kettle, Toaster, Iron etc)
  • Water spilt over power boards behind bedside tables
  • Pets chewing on power cords
  • Water leaks from overfull gutters getting into light fittings on eaves
  • Rats/mice/possums damaging cables and junctions in roof space
  • Intermittent faults in wiring: Sometimes a fault can come and go depending on environmental factors such as moisture levels
  • Old Fluorescent lighting
  • CHEAP RCD’s – Sounds so simple, but so often CHEAP RCD’s just trip out for no good reason, other than theyr cheap and are unreliable.

How to reset an RCD without a sparky? Well this depends on the reason the RCD Has tripped out, however if you follow the next few steps logically, you will be able to find the cause, and safely reset the RCD 90 % of the time.


Identify which part of the house has been affected – E.g. Lights, Kitchen power, Laundry power etc


If it is a POWER CIRCUIT: Go around the house in the affected area (the areas that are not working) and UNPLUG every single appliance that is plugged in to a power point. Take care not to forget hidden ones such a range hoods, gas cooptop ignitors, Diswashers ETC.

Once you have done this, try and RESET the RCD.

If the RCD resets – go back around and plug back in all the appliances you have just removed, one by one – taking note when the RCD Trips again. Once it trips again, take note which appliance you just re-plugged in, and you have found your culprit – Congratulations.

If it is a LIGHTING CIRCUIT: This can be more tricky, as more often than not it will be either a fault with the light fitting, or with a cable in the roof space, but sometimes you can trace it down to the exact light that is causing the problem. To do this, simply go around and turn off every single light switch and see if the RCD Resets, if it does, then you can easily identify which light is causing the issue by switching them back on one by one until the RCD Trips again.


If you have managed to find the issue and successfully turn on the RCD after removing the faulty appliance, CONGRATULATIONS, you have saved yourself hard earned money.

If you still can not get the RCD to reset, it means something more sinister is going on, and you will need to get an electrician (hopefully one from Terrasol 😊) to come out and complete the rest of the troubleshooting.

You can take comfort in knowing we have electricians on call 24/7 and can attend to quickly and professionally fix the issue at a price that you can afford


No matter what your project is, from small domestic jobs to big commercial projects, for reliable, fast and friendly professional electricial services in Perth...


What our clients think...

Pete sorted out a tricky TV on a wall install for me including makings cables tidy. Highly recommend!

Phillip Broom

Extremely happy to recomend pete and terrasol. We decided to use terrasol to instal our solar system. Pete worked extremely closely with us to design and create a solar system which met our needs and was inside our budget. He was extremely helpful in recomending the types of pannels and what kind of inverter to instal especially with so many different options. He was extremely prompt in getting the job done and had the system running within 3 days. He even went an extra mile and came back after work one evening to complete configuring our system. I am extremely happy with the service pete provided and it shows he genuanely cares for his customers. I would be more than happy to recommend him to others and will definately be using him again

Andrew Bongiovanni

Pete has helped us out with residential lighting. Nothing is too much of a problem, so obliging, efficient and neat and tidy workmanship. Thoroughly recommend Pete and Terrasol

Esther Nilsen

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